Dec 27, 2009

all i want...

have you ever wondered what is it like to dream... what it is like to imagine... recall your younger years... when you were still innocent n nice and everyone thought you were an angel... **angel? haha... anyways..

when i was a kid, we never have to wonder about things like money or where to get an education.. it depends on our folks... our parents... but as you suddenly realize that the power to determine your future is slowly shifting in your hands... the decision is yours to make.. you are the play maker... i really ready for that? am i ready to take all the responsibilities? when i was small, all i'd have to do was to turn to my parents and asked, " mom, what's next?" but, now, all i ever hear is..." It's up to you.. it's your future.." i get scared when ever i hear those words... but mybe now its time to face the fact.. the fact that i am alrealdy a 17 year old girl.. i am big enough to make my own decision.. and i will face the consequences due to my actions.. get ready world..coz here comes shafira hasny and she is coming strong!!! =)

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