Apr 26, 2010

so sad....

Well.... the positive side is.... the prom is this Thursday.... but the negative side is... MY BOYFRIEND CANT COME... and over this silly thing... we fought... yes, we did... and now he's not texting me and it breaks my heart. i know i shouldnt be pushy and stuff... but then , i cnt help it..

i have been looking forward to the event because i know this will be the time where i can see him... but then... i blame him cz he went and played rugby till his feet was fractured.. i blame him... aand i feel like crying.. cz i have been waiting for this moment... and i really miss him.. but then, all my dreams shatter away.. it did.... i just cnt.. but then , i cnt ask him to disobey his mother's wish... at the same time, i know its my fault i was mad at him.. i mean, who wouldnt.
and im crying right now.. i dnt know why.. i just dont know why.. i know he is sooooo mad at me... and he has reasons to... but then, it doesnt give him the right to ask his little sister to lie for him.. if he doesnt want to talk to me, just say it.. and it hurts me not texting him.. it hurts... but who cares, right.... oh well.... i dnt know wht else to say... im stressed out... i really am!!!

help me God.... help me please....

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divv raj said...

i hope he gets well soon.
b strong.