May 11, 2010

TEARS are a girl's best friend..

" DIAMONDS are a girl's best friends'.. NOPE!! In my case... TEARS are a girl's bestfriend..

yeah.. tears... they accompany me everywhere.. and a lot of times.. and i dnt know.. mybe tears just witnessed a lot of stuff that has been happening to me lately.. sad stuff.. dissapointing stuff.. happy... angry.. all... everything... and i do mean everything.. if only tears can converse... it wil tell you an endless story... behind all those fake smiles and fake laughs... all.. everything.... believe me.. certain situations... i just hate it when people say... " i know u cn do this.." 'u're strong." uuurrgghhh!! i dnt like it... sometimes, i just want you to just SHUT UP and listen ... be a listener for once.. but then, you can never expect people to perform fro our point of view rite... oh well... hurm..

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