May 5, 2010

what a week...

lets see... hurm.. CIMP is seriously taking my breathe away right now... OMG!! i cnr even sit down and just chillax.. assignments here andf there.. i cnt even relax.. oh my god..

i just finished my math test.. bio test... submitted my math final report.. wht else? oh yea.. dis monday bio presentation that takes up 10% of the whole freaking grade... huhuuhuhuhuhu.... and the next day which is tuesday i have a math test on binomial and normal distribution.. wwweee... =) n currently english 4u 1st period is suffering fromt he wrath of the stupd kite runner.. i dnt mind reading it.. and doing an essay on it... but not an in-class essay in TWO DAYS.. that is equal to 2 hours and 15 minutes... with quotations.. and thesis statements... i can go crazy, man!! i really can.... my life is going upside down now.. sshiiissshhh... i am really tired.. im worn out, man..

but look on the bright side... CIMP 1st semester will end on the 24th f May for me as Bio will be my last final papaer....i am so glad that it will end.. but then i will surely miss the college environment... and i will miss those 'certain people' who will not be here for the next semester bcoz this will be their last... oh well.. friendship will still continue in our hearts.

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