Jun 28, 2010

2nd semester,,..


This will be my new challenges for the second semester... and i sure am freaking out right now... well, coz i have to score an average of 75% on my math and chemistry if i wanna go for IMU pharmaceutical chemistry ... and i must get a 70% on chemistry... well, yeah.. its quite tough because chemistry .... our lecturer will give us a quiz every week.. OMG~!!! eery week, man..

and im still debating whether or not i still want to be in the student council or not.. i mean, its fun... and all.. but one moret hing is i have to think about the netball team because the tournament ... the inter-college tournament and we are so not prepared yet... snap... im worried now ... with Aida's absence , i am officially the president of the netball club and automatically the captain of the college's team... and i dont think i am ready to uphold that responsibilities... ya allah, berilah hambamu kekuatan dan ketabahan...

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