Jun 21, 2010


So.... i don’t know wht else to do now... coz i took my computer test and scored only 46/50.. but hey, its enough to pass the darn thing.. so, next i have to go to the workshop then. Oh well...
I am so excited coz i only have two weeks left before i am able to see my saying again.. yeah, i know... i keep talking about him in like... all my post.. but, oh well.. ma blog.. i do wht i like.. simple... =) back to my topic ... so, yeah.. i’ll get back to the topic later..

as you all know.. (for those whom i’ve sent an invite to) i made my blog private again.. this is because i had troubles with some airhead leaving unneeded comments in my blog.. not that i care coz i moderate my comments and all.. but just for the sake of it.. and it avoids me from getting annoyed and irritated by such idiots.. any who... i managed to reduce the anger and all.. hatred? At first, but then... oh well.. im just letting it go.. the past is already the past... i cnt change it even if i cried an ocean of tears... so, just move on with ur goddamn life.. itu pown ade certain org susah nk buat kn... haish... ske bnar nk amek taw hal aq.. aq pown bkn nye sesape pd ko, so, buzz off la... and since that person is such a coward to leave comments with ‘anonymous’ as its name.. haha.. ape kelas sial??! haha... (ne kalau bukhari bce ne, mati aq.. ) the fact still remains that whatever that has been done is done.. and this fucker came up and left the comment cowarldy, i might add.. and its as if he/she is such an angel.. HELLO!!! wake up la guys! nobody is perfect so dont act like one.. and by the way that person left the comment, he/she is just as trouble as i am.. or mybe double the trouble.. satu je la kot.. harap2 la kn... xpayah nk bz body hal aq.. aq dh bahagia.. aq dh move on.. ko je yg x move on lg.. and aq taw hidup aq lebih baek dr kau kn.. jelez kerrr?? hahaha... (bengong je aq..)

so, the earlier topic.. hurm.. my sayang said this week is gonna be tougher than the other weeks before... they have to do a lot before the closing ceremony..(in which i am attending!!!) ahakz... he changed a bit.. i called him up last 3 days ago..i think.. and i cried coz his voice was sooooo different.. it was more husky and scary.. i never heard his voice like that before... so, hell yeah.. i frekaed out.. then he told me all the stuff that happened there.. and why he was like that... we rarely talk anyways,... dats why his voice didnt chnage when he talked to me.. but oh well.. i understnd u sayang,... im proud of him because he is a platun leader.. he always have that leadership quality in him... and he's having fun there.. as much as i was shicked by this statement, he admitted that he enjoyed there.. i guess because he was used to all the torture and pain ... he was, after all from RMC... and im proud, baby!!! =) ahakz..

another 2 more weeks till i return back to college... oh man!! im so lazy to even think about it... im taking interdisciplinary studies, Chemistry and advanced function... pray hard for me.. damn it... im scared.. im hoping to still be a studnet council member ..but i dont think i'll be running for any position.. i would just like to be a general member please.. thank you.. and i also have netball tournament.. yeah, since we are in the sunway netball team, we r representing sunway college for the intercollege competition.. ALAMAK!!! im fat here.. and we will not be having Aida as our coach anymore.. =( Aida, i wish you all the best, babe!! i just hope we would be able to do it.. hahaa.. i think i'll stop wirting here... and if i have any ideas, i'll sure to be writing it down here...

Baby, miss you!!!

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