Jul 25, 2010

an awesome weekend..

Well... after all the crying and suffering.. i finally managed to get a hold of my sayang.. and he even came to the house and stayed here for the night.. OMG... what a night..+ what a day... i spent time with him like i've never spent before.. day n night.. i was with him always... it was THE sweetest moment ever... it really was..~~~~ I LOVE YOU SAYANG....!~~~


Scorpio Girl said...

oh yes, anak bongsu saya kelihatan sungguh handsome dalam itu gambar..**psstt, org bukan puji Ironman tu taw?:P**

~20.09.09~ said...

hahhaa... okay2.. bukan mamat ironman tu la.. hehee.. tp dua2 comell... muwahahahaha..... =)