Sep 26, 2010

It's been a while..

Salam... i guess it's been a while since i last blog an entry that was not copy and paste... so, here goes... today is the 26th of septermber... and right now im in my room in college... alone... :)

last week had been a great week, i guess... coz,even without hearing anything from my dearly beloved, im still able to take that as in aspiration and strength to keep moving forward ... yes, i do miss him so much and i know he misses me too.. it's just both of us r so caught up in the moment with everything that is happening, and therefore, i think it was a wise decision from him for both of us to just relax from each other.... vut WE ARE STILL TOGETHER, k... and i love u s much baby...!!!

me and sheera and amiru apparently suggested to mz shima about a trip to high court in shah alam... i mean, IDC class wont be fun wuthout any interesting trips, wouldnt it? and therefore, she gave credits to us and we are now in charge of the event... and luckily everyone in our class agreed... including period 4 IDC... so, now what we have to do is to collect the money and make sure that everything goes absolutely well.... and tell you what, we make a pretty awesome team... =) ehehhee .... so, can't wait for the trip and hope it would be fun...!!!!

and the list of the members in charge is our clique itself.. me, sheera, amiru, arie, faiz, faruque and choong.... =)

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