Oct 18, 2010

Options for the future....

truthfully here, I am planning my future based on my boyfriend's
career... (since he knows what he is doing..) AN ARMY OFFICER BABEH!!! so, what i am hoping to do is a degree in pharmacy and pursue straight for Masters, Insya Allah .... so, that when i get the Masters, i can come back to Malaysia and h
opefully be a lecturer... it's easier for me to follow my beloved wherever he goes... :) now, i applied to 3 universities and all 3 replied by saying i got the spot but it is a conditional offer letter.... which means that i NEED to fulfill the requirements first... beofre being accepted... so, here are the 3 options...

Now this university offers me Bachelor Of Applied Science, Pharmaceutical Chemistry..i think.. but it will take me 4 years to complete my degree and God knows how long to complete my Masters... and its in AUSTRALIA... to be more specific, it's in freaking GOLD COAST,man!!!

2nd Option :

Now this university is another option ...(in which I doubt) but oh well... i'll ju
st put it here then.. this university also opted for the same thing Griffith wants .... but then again, it is in Aussie... in Melbourne... now my aim is to study ... not to have fun... :)


University of Otago, NEW ZEALAND.... this place is quite soothing and a conducive place to study instead of fooling around... it'll take me 3 years to do my degree... and insya allah another 2 years to do my Masters.... the trick for the Masters is for me to achieve a certain garde on my third year for me to receive an invite to continue with the Masters programme... and this is where i intend to go.... although its far away from my family, friends and my sayang, but sometimes in life, u just hve to sacrifice for the benefit of yourself and in the future, for the benefit of both of us, sayang....

im doing this for my family.. finally they have something they can brag about their youngest daughter, right...? and i am also doing this for you, MUHAMMAD BUKHARI BIN SHAARI... because i wanna spend my lifetime with you... i really do... and i will do anything to make US work... Love you so much .... !!

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