Dec 5, 2010

and so one book closes ...

well... last thrusday was CIMP 32nd Annual Graduation Ceremony held at the Sunway Medical Centre .... if u noticed, the place really didnt suit the environment.. the students came to have fun and all, but yet again the people around us are sick.. HAHA.... so contradictory. but that did not keep us away from the fact that our graduation was awesome.. sure, it was somewhat formal and a bit boring here n there... (when it came to the speech...) but yet again, it was mybe the last time that we will ever get to see our friends whom we have been so used to seeing since the last 10 months.. i know i already miss my friends... and therefore, that is why i am in college right now... HAHA.... but im gonna hang out with faiz, faruque, arie, shera n amiru today.. ice skating people... HAHAH.... just hope i don't fall too much.... :)

now that i am back home... and literally near him now.. ase sayu lak.. coz every morning , i'll be hearing sounds and voices from there coz they have their military exercise... so, sometimes.. (like this morning), i went out of the back of my house, and i saw these green army people..(girls and boys) and i stopped dead in my tracks, thinking that in that green army of people, he is in there.. he is one of those people... him! the guy who, once was in my heart..(or mybe still is..i dunno) but then, i can never see UPNM the same again... i don't think that i will veer get over all this... but deep inside.. i am trying... i really am... :) as long as you see smiles on my face, it means im okay... or i hope to be okay... :)

so, after receiving my grad results, is submitted my results to the Selset Centre and they confirmed that i will receive my unconditional offer letter by this week.. and therefore, i need to do lotsa stuff.... and i really hope that i am able to kick off the year 2011 with calm and without any distractions from all these nonsense.. what i need is to find scholarships or loans that will enable me to go further my studies there.... insya allah, moga dipermudahkn...


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