Mar 12, 2011

My Sweet Obsession

So, My sweet obsessions are .. TWO THINGS ... and here they are ..

My first sweet obsession would always be ... FAMOUS AMOS...! Dad knows about this obsession of mine and never failed to bring back this sweet cookies whenever he arrives in KLIA... Terminal 2 !! yum yum yum.... I know its expensive and all, but Dad says when it comes to food, I'll get what i want... B.U.T, i have to make sure that i finish it and not throw it...

the second one would be.... Ferrero Rocher ... Now in Sabah, its way more cheaper when dad buys the big box.. he buys the big boxes of this chocolate and again, brings it back home ... yum yum ... so, we would always be eating this little piece in front of the TV... family bonding time!!

*shera, i tawu u ske Ferrero kn.. I'll try n get some for u k babe!!

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