Mar 23, 2011

Something I babble about ...

After coming back from a long and fun holiday, I was a bit lazy and reluctant to get back on the saddle and hit the books. But, like it or not, I kinda have to. With time running out, I feel the pressure even more. Now I a bit at ease when the Agency told me, I would still be able to go to Russia IF I didn’t pass... but right now, failure is not an option for me. My parents have gone so far in helping me be where I am right now. And I will continue it... no more quitting or running away. Its time to face the music. I had fun right? So, now its time to get serious.

Okay. My JPJ i think will be in April.. gonna get my license in April.. i hve my final 2 classes on the 2nd and 3rd of April. That sucks. But i have to if i wanna get the freaking license. The thing started in Jun.. during my break before going to 2nd semester in 2010. But assignments piled up and activities all the way made it impossible for me to attend driving classes way over in Gombak. So, i only did it after i graduated.

Sometimes, when i look in the screen of my beloved laptop, i opened the picture file and i browse through each file pertaining US.. CIMP, friends and all sorts of kind. I felt a sudden jolt in my heart as i realize i miss them so much. Most of my friends are already continuing their degree. In monash, india, Australia.. Ireland. Lets say they are all over the globe. And my aim is Russia. And my gang...”The Nyahhs & the Onns..” this gang is just simply awesome. We are not from the same course... CIMP, MUFY,AUSMAT,CAT,ACCAand CAEW.U name it ... But we mingle as if we were blood related in some way. And that is something you don’t see everyday. Let alone, the population of Malay in the college are a minority. And most of them come in with a scholarship and somewhat made them kinda cocky...(not all, okay but some.) so, they don’t mix that well with the other Malay students who r not a scholarship holder. Mybe because they r in their comfort zone. So, i understand why... and thus, the gang is created. J

Amirah, Daly, Sofea, Izzah, Aliah, Aliana, Asma,Filzah,Elisa n Me ---à the girls... The NYAHHS..

Haziq, Isma, Fiqri,Arif,Azlan -à the boys ... the ONNS.. * I think I am missing some people... but when i do recall, i fix the list. I remember when we would out for lunch together at Pyramid. And we once break or fast together... I miss all those moments...

They was once we all would gather up in Daly’s room... Me, izzah, Daly,Sofea,Aliana... and we would sleep late n talk and listen to Daly singing... a massive sleepover . Peeps, I miss you people so much...!! I really do... with Izzah in Egypt and Mira in Australia ... And Haziq as well in Australia... peeps...!!! come back, please... L

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