Sep 25, 2011

I'm running out of patience ..

Assalamualaikum everyone... I am sorry if this post is a bit rough but yes, like I said, I do have a lot of unresolved anger and here is one of them!!

Screw you Medic Ed~!! what the hell is taking that invitation letter so fcuking long...??? and thank you very much to you, whatever that I planned with my -so-called roommates (now no longer because of you) is blown to pieces... I feel like shouting... crying and cursing at you right now!! Is this how you run your freakin agency?? and you dared to brag to us that you are one of the best??? the hell with that! you should've hear what other students are talking about this GREAT agency of yours!! and i have to be stuck with you guys for 6 years! damn you.. if you screw anything else up, you r done! i mean it!

*Shafira hasny is in a very angry mode right now! this time, do not get near her!

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