Sep 29, 2014


Dengan lafaz Bismillaah,

ku memulakan entri kali ini.

Assalamualaikum ..


Payah nak lupa kenangan. Pahit, manis.. buruk , baik.. suci ... kotor.. hahaha .. ntah ape la yg dmerepekkan . tp betul. kenangan. mcm mana nk lupakan? seolah takde bnde pernah blaku...? seolah semua ny okay. seolah semuanya baik baik sje. mustahil.

kenangan... adalah sebahagian hidup kita.. biar sehari pun.. tetap sebahagian hidup kita. apetah lgi berbulan.. bertahun... nak buang mcm tu je? hehe.. haruslah tidak. org yg otak robot je leh reformat and continue on with their lives.

But I am just a mere human being.. If I could erase everything, life would be too simple with colours of the rainbow surrounding me. but that is not how life works.

I dont tend to forget the past, cz it made me who i am today. but i do intend to learn from it. so i dont get stuck at where i was and be able to move on, head higher. creating a future based on your present is affected by how you live your past.  therefore, see your past as positive and carry on to create new memories to help you move on and be stronger day by day.

I am thankful that i have a significant other who is very accepting of who i am. alhamdullillah. Saifullizan, you have no clue how much you mean to me. Thank you for every bit of wonderful memories we have. thank you so much!

Wanna see siapakah saifullizan? Those yg ad my IG can already see who he is. but maybe in a few more posts, then i would put his picture up!

Have a great night people.

sorry for the ramblings.... had no idea wht to write but the fingers would still want to type awaaayyy ...

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