Dec 20, 2009

insya allah...

Insya allah.. pada 4 januari ne shaf akan mendaftarkan diri di Sunway College untuk intake January… I’ll be taking CIMP..taht stands for Canadian International Matriculation Programme… selama 10 bulan.. dok kt hostel ye.. since xde driving license lagi kan… cost ? xpyh ler tnye..for sure pengsan!! =) I ade dua semester.. total subjek is SIX… but quite cool.. English is my favourite!!! Then dye ade bio,chem… mathematics of data management, World issues:A geographical analysis, interdisciplinary studies… tp yg world issues to maybe nk amek yg ne atau Individuals and families in a diverse society.. so…total is 6… tp 3 subjek untuk satu semester.. yang besh nye plak is… dye 70% coursework and 30% exam.. berbnding dgn monash plak… dye terbalik… 70% exam..mati la shaf mcm ne kn… I hate exams.. I rather talk and discuss and present in front of other people that staring blankly at papers… searching for answers.. I like CIMP… it suites me more.. whats worse is that MUFY’s ratio of success is only 2:100!!! Can you imangine? Atoyai..susah gler tue… tp, dpt assurance dr my sister, angah…dye kte leh tahan gk la mudah..but as we all know, there is no shortcuts in life… its just that the subjects are more fun and you can understand it easily.. itu kata2 angah I la… I hope its true… tp dunt worry…I will still be online… checking in with my friends and my beloved… so, drop by my myspace and my facebook… im always there….

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