Jan 4, 2010

my first day in sunway college...

so.. ari isnin was my first day.. so... ok la kot.. met a lot of people.. ade yg dr indonesia...ade dr china, tokyo... iran pown ade gk.. tp yg paling penting, ade gk yg cm shaf.. yg bru abeh SPM.. hehehe... anyways... the day started normal.. bgn pagi.. hehehe... kul enam aw bgn ari ni.. my house mate lak ade keje kt Monash U, so xnk la kacau dye... i went to the foyer alone... then, i met with some of the students that take CIMP as well.. fun aw knal dgn mcm2 ragam... then, ade ice breaker... my lecturers are all canadians... and they are very nice... so, we went for an official tour around the campus... tunjuk la mne Multi purpose Hall dye.. mne class dye.. library dye... bsar seyh... then, we had a break.. ptg td lak ade English Placement test.. pergh..bapak susah!!! tp, okay la kot.. xnak la shaf stay for third semester.. 2 semester pown dh ckup la.. so, esok dpt taw keputusan dye... punye la merepek karangan shaf.. aduyai... xtawla... wish me luck, kay... anyways.. ahve to go... have dinner with my AusMat friend and have to study for math test tomorrow... huhu


aJ!Xx RyEsHa said...

wah! best giler shaf!!!
nanti update lg ur story kt sane!!
(ak tgh excited nk dgr)

awanis said...

shaf , amik course ape ? wtf dah ade test ????