Jun 1, 2010

here is what is going on..

welll... now dah masok almost 2 weeks since i saw my sayang.. and to tell you the truth, im suffering from the inside.. badly... but i guess im still trying my best to stay afloat... seriously... =( so.. wht have i been up to since i started my holiday? I started my holiday on Thursday... i finished my Bio exam on wednesday and came back the same evening... so, we pushed off to Johor on thursday night and arrived in PULADA at 2 sumthing and slept off.. we woke up early dat morning cz breakfast was served for us... xkn la nk bgn lmbt kn... hahhaa... so, we had breakfast and headed for my grandfather's house which was like... 20 minutes away from the barrack. Dad went to Friday prayers with my granddad and then we had lunch together... then, we pushed off from the house at 3.30 to go back to seremban... the best part is.... my second sister is coming over as well... with all her 3 sons A.K.A. my cute nephews lorh... hehehe.... so, we met them at R&R Pagoh and continued our journey,, harryth and irfan went up with us,,., and trust me,... the car was a noise... with harryth trying to touch everyhing and irfan not wanting to sit and wants to put everything in his mouth.. we really tried our best to control them, me n mom.. then we stopped at the Ayer Keroh Bridge R&R and had KFC... OMG! the kids were so excited... =) and both the big brothers got 2 tiys from KFC and yet they stil fight....
Kids, i assume.... haha... then, we continued our way to seremban... by this time, harryth decided to move back in with his mother in the big car... because he said... ' sempit la Tok Mommy,'.. haha... so, it leaves me with irfan... irfan was already whoozy so i gave him his bottle of milo and sang to him till he slept off... aaawww... i really liked that moment... it was truly something special... and then we arrived at seremban... the days spent there was incredible. although at some point, the boys were getting a little out of control, but never the less... they r kids right... but my weekend was well spent... i m happy with m weekend.. tp...deep in my heart.. i really miss Bukhari... its been 2 weeks man... !! and i really miss my sayang.... =(

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