Jun 8, 2010


being here at home without anything else to do just bore me down to my wits.. im serious... i guess i was used to all the whining and complaints that i used to say... hahaha... anyways... i av another 3 more weeks before college starts again.. and for me to enter 2nd semester and hopefully my last semester... this semester i am vowed to do my very best in everything... i cnt procrastinate anymore.. i just cnt.. right now my average is 70!! and that is only good enough to enter biotechnology... n pharmaceutical chemistry.. but i need to boost up my grades! i need too.... i just need to..

oh well, as i mentioned before, only 3 weeks left before i finally am able to see my sayang... you know, throughout this journey without any communications with him made me realize that i am truly, deeply and madly iin love with him... i dnt know... its just that.... the feeling.... is different froom my previous relationships and i know he is the one for me... i just know it.. but right now, while we r focusing on our relationship,, we are still 18 years old teenagers.. we still have responsibilities towards our families and towards ourselves... but as i said to him before, i am with him every step of the way.... coz our two hearts have already intertwined and become one.. and i am not shy to admit... nor deny... that i am IN LOVE with my sayang... muhammad bukhari... the love of my life... love you, baby!!!

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