Jun 7, 2010

well, this friday i'll be going to Sabah... so, i guess it will help me get oof my mind out of this whole driving stuff.. as much as i dont like it.. but i have to.. if i ever wnt to drive around.. hahaha.. i was hoping that after this i would be able to get a hold on my mom's BMW.. haha... dream on gurl!! well, few years back, my mom said that she will gve the car to me... but then she changed her mind... and she said, mybe dad will buy me a new car.. aaawww... thats so sweet of him.. but truly, i would rather not have a car at all at this moment cz i think my funding for university needs more than a car right now... oh well, we'll se how it goes...

anyways, its reaching into 3 weeks... my baby have another 3 more weeks to go
i just cnt wait to see him again... sayang, i miss u damn much!!!!!!! mwuahx!!!!!

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