Jul 4, 2010

3rd of JULY...

okay.. since my nephews were at home.. i slept with them.. Aisy was beside me... i was awakened when i felt a kick from the side... it was from.. Aisy of course.. he conquered my slepeing place.. i looked at the handphone.. it was only 4.00 am in the morning... OMG... i tried going back to sleep but it was no use... i went ot my room and went online... its been a while since i went online... so, i took my own sweet time in my room.. editing here and there.. blog and FB and stuff... and i wnet back to the TV room to try and get some shut eyes... but then.. my youngest nephew, irfan cried.. ouh huhh... i got up and carried him... then , when i was back in my sleeping place, mom came and told me its already 5.45 ... i was like.... huh??? oh well... i got up...

then, i had another dilemma... wht am i gonna wear... ??? since i didnt bring back any of my baju kurung, i ahd to wear my new baju kurung that mom bought me last sunday... turquoise.. dahla waktu P.O.P MTD dye i pkai bju wrne yg sme kn... ahahha... dh jd wrne tema la pulak kn... anyways, after i got ready, around 7.10, me and mom (yes, dad forced my mom to follow) went out of the house and picked up atikah bazilah (gf hamka) and we went to the UPNM field... it was quite early.. and it was drizzling summore.. hahha...we took the seat that Hamka told us too.... the far left and the front ....waited for another 1 hour.. (give or take..) then, the event kicked off... there was a presentation of tactical attack on enemies' temporary camp.. it was fun watching them perform... but me and eiqa was damn nervous.. and for wht reason, we dont know why... =)

the new cadets then went out running... and eiqa already spotted Hamka... and i am having trouble spotting my sayang... he said he will be on the right side and in front... then, halfway through, i saw him!!! i did... and then, i asked eiqa to confirm it.. and i took a picture of him and i zoomed in... yes, positive !!! when the ceremony ended, i saw him first.. but i asked him to search his family first.. well, as they say... family first... =) then, we met up with his parents and Nisa'.. his youngest sister.. his youngest sister gler rapat dgn shaf.. i was comfortable with that.. coz shaf xde adik pown kn.. so, i treated her like my own sister la... then, we went to the cafeteria ... omg.. tons and tons of people... but then, we found out that he was only gonna be released at 1 .. and the clock at that time showed 11 am... the mother is 8 months and a half pregnant... so, mom decided to bring the family back to the house so his mom can rest... they talked and talked... (i pulak menyebok kt sne... sungguh x ladies btol kn... ahakz...) nyebok je taw shaf... hehee.... then, me and angah went out to buy some lunch for them... and we waited for bukhari to come back... then, when he came back, we ate lunch..

my nephews were there and he was reffered as UNCLE... ahakz.. coz i kne pgl mak su kn.. so dye uncle la kn... haha.. frust je dye kne pgl uncle... but irfan... my youngest nephew... wanted to play with him... (dah la kepala sama2 botak... ) hehe.. he was so friendly with bukhari.. siap baju dpakai oleh bukhari... makan pown kt dye.. duduk pown ngan dye... *ini xleh jadi neyh..* then, he decided to go back to seremban to his aunt's house... s, he said goodbye to his parents and rested for a while at our house... i was able to get a good look of him... stared in his oh-so-charming eyes,...and the best part was.... he hugged me after all of this... that was the hug i waited for... 6 weeks!!!!!!!!

and the rest..... well, lets just keep it a secret... =) love you so much, abng.... !

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