Aug 20, 2010

A heart warming video...

Now some of you might wonder why i posted up this video... I've been crying each time i watched this heart warming video... the return of their fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, sons and daughters who put their lives at stake by going to Iraq ... they returned to their families but with a surprise... its not about they are army officers from which country... but the sentimental moment when they finally returned home to their awaited loved ones... If you take your time to watch the video, you may see most of the soldiers left their young children... and it was a joy for the children to see their fathers and mothers return home and hug them all over again.. you can see the expressions on their faces and the hugs that they gave the first time around... tell me...wouldn't that be touching?

i've been thinking... right now, Malaysia is a peaceful country... alhamdullillah...hope it will be forever like that... but then again .. there maybe some interventions that may require army assistance.. i have been living with an army officer as my father... and right now, my boyfriend is an army officer... (Insya allah..) so, you see.. the fear is always there.. the concern is always there.. it never ends.. because i am planning to marry my boyfriend.. and therefore, i am also married to his job... but what ever it is, i am willing to commit to that... note in mind that what we are doing is for the good of the country and the good for both of us.... God has planned our path and i hope it involves us being together for life... I just cnt imagine if i was one of the family members nervously awaiting the return of my loved ones... My mom was there and she survived the situation... i guess its me next then... =) and i promise you... i am ready to face the situation and face the consequences of marrying an army officer..

*Baby, loving you has been the most wonderful thing that has ever happened in my life.. your presence enlightens me and you bring out the best in me... what i have achieved in my studies and in other stuff, was because of the motivation from you my dear... you really are ONE IN A MILLION.. and you will always be that ONE in my heart .... Life together will be a blast and will be the most awaited moments in my whole entire life... ***


~Nothing will ever change my love for you... it only gets greater and greater by time... ~
~ 20.09.2009~
~ True love never has a happy ending... How can they?? They keep creating sweet memories together...~

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