Aug 20, 2010

Bloodyfull housemate

now this is a note written from my angry and freakingly annoyed heart..

to a certain Mauritius housemate,
dont you bloody come here and think you can do everthing your way.. you are so fuckingly wrong.. yuo dont own us... and why the hell you are not respecting our culture... when i say shoes off please, i DO MEAN shoes off... its the freaking culture in Malaysia. just open your eyes and please see that you ar no longer in your country, but you are in OUR country.. so, you fuckingly do it our way.... you wanna know wht u did in the house that ALL OF US dont like??? i shall make a list...

1.You wear your slippers/ shoes in the freaking house. the same shoes you use outside of the house... i mean like.. WTF??? havent you ever heard of cleanliness...??? yes, i know you are not a muslim, but do respect me and my roommate who are muslim... we would like to clean ourselves before we do our prayers and you are so not helping us.. and since your room is at the far end there, you are making our pathway dirty and we are cautious whether we are clean enough to perform our prayers.... seriously, if u want us to respect you, you have to respect us.. and if you ARE that poor, i'll buy u a new pair of slippers k.. the ones you use inside the house... I WILL DO THAT...!!!
2. You talk fuckingly too much... we dont want to know how your day was.. nor do we wanna know about your family life or love life... do you hear us talking to you about OUR love life??? i think not... and please dont start your sentence with .." I'm really sad today.." tell me, since when are you NOT sad?? grow up... and i mean it seriously... and stop being a cry baby... ade problem sket, ngadu kt mak.. sengal yang teramat...bengong... sial... kan dh kne ngan aq...

You ask us to understand you, but yet again, you dont understand us... so, how are we gonna ave this mutual understanding?? you tell me.. as for me, i'm gonna live with this situation till the end of december... then, my part of hell is over... but as for them, their hell will continue till next year....
do you have any idea how tired your roommate is...?? and yet, you never did care do you..??? when she was asleep, you say your prayers out loud til u woke her up.. but never did she complaint to you... she just kept quiet.. and when she was asleep, you deliberately switch on the light without telling her first.. and again, disrupting her sleep.. seriously, were u ever raised with manners in you?? and the recent thing... so, yeah you cleaned the room, you didnt have to tell the whole world that you did that... and just because u never see your roommate doing it, doesnt mean she didnt do it... she did it, but she just never told you.. and you are ordering her around here and there.. HELLO!!!! please ... who the fuck r you to do that...???

i think it is easier like this... JUST SHIP YOUR ARSE OFF BACK TO MAURITIUS AND NEVER COME BACK HERE AGAIN... and if you do, i'll make sure you will regret that you ever come to Malaysia... !!!!!

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