Aug 21, 2010

something i just realized..

YYou know... i just realized something ... when you are attached to a child, you can say that you may have some connection with that baby/child... and some of them may say that you are just mother-material... but to me, when the connection between you and a child bonds and gets stronger, it is a bond that is so sacred and precious. Let me just get straight to the point k...

I have 3 nephews... and i treat them differently based on their age.. but my love for them are the same... the eldest is 5 years old, and 3 years old and lastly the youngest is 1 year old. I've always been thinking.. will this the way i'll treat my kids later in the future? will whtever i apply here to my nephews will apply to my kids later on?? yeah, i do think of those stuff... and i sometimes see and observe what mischief they'll get themselves into, and i'll think will my daughter/son be like that??? there's always this feeling of curiosity you know.. hahaha... i know its nonsense right... but that is how i feel everytime i see them.. and i always get the pleasure of putting my youngest nephew to sleep.. and sometimes, i gaze into his face and reminisce my childhood days and again..wondering what my child's childhood gonna be... yes, baby..i know we discussed about our kids, but i still have this fear sayang.... =) but i LOVE KIDS.... and i hope they'll love me too...

* i actually have no purpose in writing..just writing on what i feel right now... =) **

Baby, i miss you damn much!!!!!

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