Oct 4, 2010

Dearest Little woman,

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There's some things that all girls didn't know about a guy,perhaps you will notice this someday..

1. In a relationship whenever a girl is away from us they're always on our mind, no matter how hard we try, she'll always be the first thing we think of in the morning and the last thing before we fall asleep. Sure guys tell girls this but if a good guy tells you this while looking you straight in your eyes ,hold onto him cuz hes the one who will cherish every moment he spends with you and will remember every second.

2. don't be afraid to tell us what's wrong. whether were your bf or best friend if someone hurt u in any way we will fight for you and even if we end up in the hospital we wont care because we know youll be right by our side when wake up. no matter wat you can trust a guy tht cares for you well always be there to catch you when you fall. ;)

3. the moment we say goodbye to you we always wish we had one more minute with you, one more minute whether its spent talking or just looking into eachothers eyes and smiling when we say that we wish we couldve spent some more time together we freakin mean it! your the best part of our day and last person we ever wanna say goodbye to.

4. when you start talking about something and you start running out of breath; we know your trying to tell us you like us.. so you talk about something non stop. The only thing that would make it even more special, is for you to actually forget what you were talking about and admit it. dont lie because we know when your lying... ;)

5. alright if a girl once had something really special with a good guy once and its over. Don't stop talking to us, if you trusted us once you always can and if you and a guy just didnt work out dont ignore his hellos even of he broke up with you. we know it's hard but the last thing any guy wants is to lose everything he had so even if its over stay friends we know no more hugs or kisses but you cant change what happened between us. you'll always have a shoulder to cry on and a friend to rely on when you need help once a friend always a friend.

6. when we pay for you don't argue sure we do it cuz its cute but we really do it because we want to. so what you can be the richest girl in the world but every time were with you we become the richest guys in the world. so please just say okay we love buying you things and opening doors for you. dont use a guy if you honestly think you'll ever get another bf after using us you've got another thing coming.


theres 5 major things but im only going to say 3 of the 5 ( gota keep some secrets ;) )

1: a guys first impression of a girl isnt " nice ass" or " great tits" thts actualy something we tell our buddies about girls we've met to show off . what we really see first in a girl is eyes, smile, confidence. If a girl isnt afraid to take control thts one of the sexiest qualities a guy looks for.

2: every straight guys fantasy isnt a threesome fpr spme guys it is, but they just havent fully matured yet ;) .Our fantasy is to one day be able to wake up next to the girl of our dreams look in her eyes and just forget about everything weve gone through,

3: just because a girl is drop dead gorgeous doesnt mean we like them and would die for them. We want and look for is a girl that's perfect for our personality ,not beauty.

Beauty is something i like to call bonus points. but if your really ugly then u'd better have a killer personality or else you arer\ screwed.

So no matter what remember dont ask ur bfs how you look cuz 2 them you look good in anything whether its a prom dress or shorts and one of our t-shirts your beautiful in a good guys eyes

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