Oct 4, 2010

something from the heart ..

Sometimes, its just so hard to describe what your heart actually feels... and therefore, you tend to lie on the real feelings... i’ve been faking some smiles and laughs here and there... but then again.. i don’t know how to explain my true feelings. I’ve been going through some rough times .. and trust me... R.O.U.G.H times... and i have been trying my best + hardest to stay strong .. to hold my head up high and to stand high above the ground... but yet again, i failed... im just an ordinary gurl with the need of her love back in her life... not looking for other people's love, she wants her own love.. her darling... but yet again, that seems impossible now does it?

being with a guy friend doesn't mean that you like that guy.... it just means that there's always this one guy who will always watch over you... and will help you no matter what the matter is.. just like my previous post, it need not to be a bf... but it can be your friends as well... so, people .. stop making idiotic conclusions k...

well, as for me.. i have to hang in there.. i really do.. coz i cant do anything else... i cnt force him.. coz i dont wanna lose him... and coz i love him oh so damn much .. !! and baby, i need you.. and i never want to lose you... ur my life and my soul...so, please baby ... it would be lovely to hear your soothing voice again ..

i know i have a long way to go .. and therefore, i will take this as my new strength and do my best.... sayang, bear in mind, that whatever i am doing is for the benefit of both of us together...


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