Nov 5, 2010


During this time where I am updating my blog, I am currently at home… yes, we have a 4 days off.. Thursday and Friday for the celebration of Deepavali and counting Saturday and Sunday as well… to those who have me as their friends on Facebook, I’ve been updating about dancing yesterday..well, yesterday was very very very challenging for me, shera and amiru… because yesterday we tried to find some steps for our songs for the upcoming event ISU … so here are the list of dances we are gonna perform along with the songs as well…

Joget – Joget Berhibur (Sti Nurhaliza)

Zapin – Ya salam (Noraniza Idris)

Kuda Kepang – kuda hitam (Hetty Koes Endang)

And truth be told, we are so dead… joget is done but zapin is so hard… L huhu… let alone kuda kepang… and our horse is not done yet.. with the finals coming up.. and the final report and all.. everything seemed crashing down on us now... :( oh well, best deal with what we have....

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