Jan 27, 2011

A piece of my mind...

So, apparently, a lot happened this week... and frankly speaking, i dont even know where to begin with.... but most of the 'drama' that took place this week was where a girl accused me for being the reason she and her boyfriend broke up. Now THAT is hilarious. I can be mean sometimes.... but i guess not to that extend. She also accused me for not talking to her ex about them getting back together, which I HAVE, by the way... I even begged him to come back to that girl and wanted to let go of him... but he refused. so, what am i to do...? force him? Nope. that's not my way. If he refused, then who am I to force him.... and you kept asking about what is my relationship with him.. FYI, little girl, IF I EVEN HAVE ONE, i dont think it concerns you anymore, now does it? So, why the hell do you even bother to ask... now, the thing that annoyed me the most was when she thought she was being so freaking smart... "awk ag tue dr cye­ ­ tp cm xde otak­ " and " "awk ag tue dr cye­ ­ tp cm xde otak­ " and " Awak ag tue, tp otak ag kcik dr cye.jgn egt awk da ckup mtang.jgn egt awk ank org kye,awk ley wt pe yg awk ske. So, these were some of her 'lonesome' chat with me on Facebook. and frankly speaking, I just dont give a damn about it. Yeah, yesterday I was kinda pissed being blown off like that.... but hey... like you said, she's just an immature girl. and i don't fight with immature girls. they just take up my time unnecessarily ..OMG! i do sound evil... MUWAHAHA.... anyways, her threats possess nothing to me or him. so, yeah... you can run along and how about to never disturb us again? that would sound perfectamente. You can accuse all you want, but the fact remains that it doesnt take me to be in both your lives for this to happen... So, don't think all your petty threats are gonna make an impression on us... coz IT WONT! I talked to you nicely... i even gave u advises and yet you choose to ignore it. right? the correct word here is CHOOSE! what ever happens, you CHOOSE to do it. it wasnt because of me or him or someone else... so, don't blame us if anything happens to you... coz you CHOOSE to be that way. and we did not ask you to do it... so, think about it, okay... so, yeah... all the best in your life.... and may Allah bless your journey to a very successful one at that. and sorry if you think that I'm a bitch, but well, sometimes you just to be one once in your lifetime.

Now this is another story. Thank you very much for the deep conversations we had these past 2-3 days. it made me realize more about you and me. N your concerns, yes... I can't answer those. you very well know why.. No promises coz i don't want to hold on to false hopes later on in life.... we promise to the extend that we can.... Thank you for falling in love with me... thank you for loving me. thank you for caring for me... right back at cha! haha... as i said, i just love the way you talked to me. and the way you make me laugh. I just want to make it last. Regardless of what our ending might be... I wanna enjoy every moment of every second when I'm with you... coz i wanna make a memory of us... a memory of us being friends and insya allah, God-Willing, more than that... i wanna remember every single path i've taken since i met you... coz those are the ones i treasure the most. Im sorry if i have put u in a difficult situation, but glad that drama is finally over now. sorry if i offended you in anyways.... do tell me if i am doing something that you are not comfortable with... its all about trust, loyalty,honesty and sincerity...n i hope we have all that to proceed with our life in the future...

"I know its too soon, I know it's too fast,
But I have a feeling this relationship will last,
Darling I love you, I realy realy do,
And did I mention that I miss you too...?"
*Kinda randomly made it up... =)

I think I uttered enough of my self in here already.... and i guess i managed to get the anger off my chest for once... I just wanna live a happy, successful life....education-wise, social-wise, and also love-wise.. so, please.... Don't piss me off... coz im not the type of girl you would want to mess with...


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