Feb 16, 2011

Old albums .....

Sorry for not updating my blog as recently as I wanted it 2. But the internet in my house suddenly went haywire so i have to do with what i have now... still no difference though. Still rotting at home.. but with some chores to do... *excuse me, saya dah rajin yer skrg...* hihi... so, my activity today was to wash some dirty towels n blankets... after finished that, had breakfast while watching tv... then after i took my bath, i started pulling a plastic box full of old albums back to the pictures were still black n white n brownish... that tells u how long the pictures were there... so, i took the chance to look at all those pictures. And boy that was a long time ago.. Back when mom n dad were still in school... and i say dad when he was in RMC back in the old days... and i thank god I met my ex when they are already wearing long pants... HAHA.... coz back then, RMC issued the short pants for their students... dayyum! Hahah

Then i saw pictures when i was small.. mybe around 1-5 year old pictures... and hafta admit, i was CUTE!! Haha.... mengada... and i found mom and dad’s wedding pictures....!!!! like seriously!! Awesomeness.... when i have the time, i will indeed scan the pictures and post it on FB... surely they ( and by they i mean, my sisters....) will be ‘thrilled’ to see it.... !!

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