Feb 18, 2011

Penyalahgunaan Minyak Yu Yi Cap Limau

HAHA.... this actually happened between me and my mom.... TWICE.... hihi ...

and thnx to faiz n arie for buying me the Minyak Yu Yi coz i was sick the day they bought it for me.


I had an itch on my ear... serious gatal gler on my left ear.. mungkin pasal ad luka ke hape ke kan... so, i tried everything.... i tried washing it with water... but it was still painful... so, mom came up with the idea of using a cotton bud and dam it in the Minyak Yu Yi Cap Limau and spread it in my ear... i was down with the idea coz i was willing to try EVERYTHING coz the pain and the itch was unbearable... you know what happened...??? my ear felt like it was BURNING....!! minyak panas kn.. mmg la... telinga ase cm terbakar... HAHA.... ended up we have to drive off to the RSAT (military clinic) at night to see the medical officer in charge. when i explained to him what happened, he LAUGHED! and i had to clean my ear there ... it was a bit painfull and a lot of tickling ... and we had a good laugh about that....


this happened recently... My right hand has some kind of rash i guess... and it itches and hurts when it comes in contact with water... I put on Minyak Gamat, cream... sume x berkesan... and of course, mom (again) recommended me to use Minyak Yu Yi Cap Limau ... it burns but then it was a bit better la kn.. i thought it was working... not until i told the doctor yesterday.... and again, she laughed! and she said my action of putting that to the rash only made it worse....!! i looked at mom and mom just had her big grin .... hihi.... so, after getting the proper medication, we went home...

THE CONCLUSION me and mom achieved together:

Minyak Yu Yi Cap Limau hanyalah untuk perut anda.... stick to that , okay guys! :)

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