Apr 1, 2011


this was yesterday's post....

Hari ni hari kedua saya menanggung kesakitan yang teramat.. tp masih lagi mampu menghadap laptop... HAHA... yeah... took my pain killer already.. so hoping the pain will subside.

So, today... the topic will be ... hurm... apa yer... i guess i just can’t belive i have 2 more days (give or take) until my 18 years of life become 19.. yikes.. getting older by the minute... and you know what i expect in my 19th year of life...?

I am hoping that my dream of going to Russia in September will come true and there will be no more obstacles in my way... Insya Allah.. my Abang besar also told me to hurry and go there faster... J bro, i will.. i will..!! i also can’t wait to hop into the airplane!!

I wish that all my friends will have a great life and an awesome one... i love all of you... some of u i may never said hi for such a long time..but please bear in mind, you guys are always in my mind and heart... you guys made me who i am today... good or bad, i appreciate you guys in every way possible...

Another one is for my family problems to settle down and be solved... i mean, seriously... until when do i have to sit around and listen o the problems while the solution is freaking easy? You people think that just because i am the youngest in the family, i know nothing.. well, news flash, i know... but the thing is... why do i have to suffer listening to my parents mumbling things that was not MY OWN FREAKING PROBLEM in the first place... dears, mom and dad has clear intentions.. i don’t want to be involved in this, but i guess i already am... but please... man up and discuss with dad n mom... please don’t make them pissed... coz yang kne tempias bukannya awak... sape yg ad kt rumah ni yg kne.. and that HAPPENS TO BE ME...! and to tell you the truth , im kinda sick about it... Ibu and Daddy nk pergi Haji next year, insya allah... jadi, berilah mereka ketenangan hati dan jiwa sebelum mereka pergi... how can they go kalau sampai sekarang ni pn mereka masih menanggung dosa yang belum lepas dari bahu mereka...? you tell me...!

Jadi, itulah harapan saya utk kehidupan saya yang ke-19... do you its too much to ask..?

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