Sep 8, 2011

~ The Glee Project ~

Now, for those Glee fanatics .. ( me being one of them..) must have watched the Glee Project ) and you probably know who this hot Irish dude is.... this is DAMIAN ... from Ireland... and he, alongside with Sam are the winners of the Glee Project... and they will have a chance to be starred in 8 episodes of Glee 3!~~

Now, I can't wait for Glee 3 to come out!!!

*Itu je sebenarnya nak merepek untuk hari ni... heee...~~~*


ChentaEty said...

hye dear..i'm here following ur blog..=)anyway,thank you for the comment ur drop at FB..okay,keep in touch via blog.I put u in my fav bloglist,so that i can follow every ur new entry and feed ur blog with some comment..=)nice to meet u..

amirulspurs said...

hey, chill babe jadi medic student. ganjarannya tinggi tau. goodluck :D