Mar 16, 2012

Boredom strikes again!

Dengan lafaz Bismillah ku memulakan entri kali ini ..

Assalamualaikum .... Heyyy :)  this is just something I'd thought of doing since my blog was abandoned quite some time *sorry baby* ... :)

Put your playlist on Shuffle and see what the soundtrack of your life would be.
(Playlist selected: He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named's songlist)

Opening Credits: Ya Sudahlah - Brandon Prakoso
Waking Up:  Ku ingin Kamu - Romance
Falling In Love: Yakinlah Aku Menjemputmu
Fight Song: Set Fire to the Rain
Breaking Up: The One That Got Away
Life’s OK: Patah Seribu
Getting Back Together: A Thousand years
Wedding: Set Fire to the Rain Boyce Avenue Cover
Birth of Child: I Miss You - Irwansyah
Final Battle: Baik - Baik Sayang
Death Scene: Mahakarya Cinta
Funeral Song: Visako (Russian Song)
End Credits: Wild Ones

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