Mar 7, 2012

Malaysian Education System .... What say you..?

Dengan lafaz Bismillah ku memulakan entri kali ini ..
Insya Allah, this time, I'm writing this in English and I hope you don't mind ..

Yes, I know I am a student and young... But that doesn't mean my words don't matter ... Yes, I wanna babble about the Malaysian Education System ... Why oh why ... ? Because, in my most humble opinion, we lost the quality of it ... I know we are now competing in a world where number one is the only place to be ... But do you realize what you are implementing on the children? on the students? on US? you are giving the idea that the only way to survive and succeed is by being number one. the schools.. the teachers are now more interested in making the students number one rather than making the students understand and help them spark the interest in learning ..  NO, I am sorry .. the teachers now are more likely to make the school number one rather than the students understanding the curriculum. do you know that it is not good? The teachers even mock those who can't catch up by saying "You're not trying hard enough" or " you're stupid" but teachers, have you ever thought that you were the one who didn't put enough effort for those who needs them? they might not be bright in their studies, but they have other potentials too.. It's not like they are useless for good. You don't give them a chance.. so, that is why they don't give a chance to you.  and yet you seemed to blame them ?

I experienced it myself back when I was in school. the students who were not excellent were left behind .. the teachers did not even make an effort to approach them and spark their interest in learning... the teachers gave their focus to those who they think can excel and help the school CGPA shoot up. which is by the way sooo not the way to do it . and I don;t agree on the UPSR, PMR and SPM and STPM as well.. you know why? because you are teaching the students to study n study n study and revise n memorize while the real world is nowhere near that . I'm sorry to say this but that might be the reason why those who can afford to send their children to private schools or international schools, they would do soo.. because the education system is different than what we have here .. Let me take the Canadian Education system for example.. Yes, I went to a private college for my foundation and I chose the Canadian system . I prefer it that way because that coursework is not some nonsense coursework ... It helps you with your self esteem, giving you opportunity to be a leader , to think outside the box and so much more. where else in Malaysia, you are so rigid. you are so fixed. please... let the students breathe for once ... Please .... We are trying to do our best without you pressuring us .. Yes, we know that we are the future of tomorrow.. but how do you expect us to lead when our own learning capabilities are so stifled ? How do u expect us to be a good leader when at a young age, we are already against the government or a rebel?

I don't want my future children to experience this type of education. I want them to be a human being... Not a robot .... I don't want the world be to robots. Yes, I am a future lecturer, Insya allah .. and my mom herself is a teacher.. My grandfather was a headmaster. I am surrounded by educators. I see the changes.. I see the transformation. But do you really think the transformation we are heading is good?  Even when trying to shift English and Mathematics to English was turned to such big issues?
Please ... Please ... Please ... Improve the education system... because that is what matters the most ...  not being number one .. but making the children spark their interest. when you teach them from young to do that, that interest will remain in them always ...

The best gift you can give a child is education. But how is it considered a gift when they treat it as a burden? :)


calmehan said...

erm mybe dia ikot skolah jugak kot.sbb dlu skolah ak SBP ak bley nmpk dia bg opportunity kt students dia dlm asah bakat,think out e box,jd leaders sume tu.n SPM sume tu perlu la bg aku sbb nak tw sejauh mana kefahaman dorg blaja bertahun2 kan..not for study study n study je. kt sini pengetua pon men peranan jugak sebenarnya. xfully ikot system education kt msia pon kot.:)

Shafira said...

SBP n other boarding schools buleh dikatakan ada pengecualian.. SOME of them .. tpi bayangkn mereka yg tidak setuah kita...? SPM? yes.. i agree.. tp wajarkah pengambilan pelajar ke peringkat seterusnya hanya based on SPM sje? :)