Oct 6, 2012

Student Summit Leadership '12

Dengan Lafaz Bismillah ku memulakan entri kali ini ..

Assalamualaikum and good day everyone ... Just got back from Batu Caves like two weeks ago to attend the Student Summit Leadership SLS '12... still feeling some sore in my thighs and all over ... but i guess it was the best camp ever ... *exclude the nasty food * so, how bout i share what happened ... hehehe .. since i really dont have the mood to study due to the left over tiredness left ..

we pushed off from UCSI KT campus at 7 in the morning on Friday ... Supposed to be 10, but BB didn't wake up and therefore we just left him cz we were already late... So, there were only 9 of us . Me, Tasya, Ana, Syaraf,Wanie, Nida, Zul, Jo Ann, Jazz ...  Zul and Jazz went in the car with Mr. roslan and the girls went in the van. OMG... It was so tiring ... very tiring ... so much tiring .... we arrived there around 2.30pm. we thought that we had Sarawak campus coming but they cancelled last minute , so it was only KT n KL Campus...

It was a good experience all in alll .... nk ltak gmbr tpi semua ada dalam Facebook dahh ..... heehehe .... nk tahu lebih lanjut? tgk je la fb .. heehe

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