Feb 3, 2013

Ramble February

dengan lafaz Bismilliah ku memulakan entri kali ini ..

assalamualaikum ..
sebulan lebih dah x tulis ape ape entry dalam blog ni .. kasihaann blog sy ni ... kebelakangan ni sy agak sibuk... atau perkataan yg lebih tepat, membz kn diri .. hehehe .. UCSI makin lama makin aktif... suka sgt! bru best !

new events to llook forward too .... UCSI Got Talent, Leadership Camp for high school students and and Leadership Summit ... all of which alhamdullillah i am able to take part in ... i am blessed to have such wonderful colleagues that will help me... being a leader is not easy... you can't just say this and that and let them be... a good leader is a leader by example.. that is what dad always remind me... no forcing, he said... then your friends would not like it... i dont like veto.. i really dont. i feel its restricted... i was once a follower, so i know how it feels to be rejected of ideas n such. i dont want to do the same thing ...

assignments pn .. so far so good. thank god our lecturers dah bg list of the assignments for the whole sem.. so, we just have to be smart at arranging time ... my time for class is tooooo free! everyday, class will start at two... on tuesday, i only have one class and it starts at 4! haaiihh ... saya ni jnis suka kelas pagi... so, kne pandai ubah mse n isi mse elok elok .... assignments msih lgi mnimbun ... hehhe..

new activity... suka bersukan.. ceh ceh.. bukan ape ... main badminton ... sometimes main time ptg, sometimes malam .. hehehe .. regular players would be Krisna, Adam Fahmi, Syed Adam, Jezvin,Lee, farid .. and sometimes even more.... ouh ya.. another event we r trying to organize ... Badminton Tournament .... may it go smoothly as last year's ... insya allah ... hehehehe ... so, hopefully , we cn do tht...

love life? it goes where it may want to go ... may go north, may go south ... hehehe .. depends on the situation... but hey, whtever it matters, he is still my love. my one and only ... and hopefully im his too... insya allah .. both still have a long way to go.. study is our priority.. family is our priority ... and after that, we might focus on ourselves... insya allaaahh ..

so, to all fellow friends .. use your time wisely... and may February bring fruitful success to you ... :) Insya allah ...

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