Jan 2, 2013


Dengan lafaz Bismillah ku memulakan entri kali ini ...

Sooooo .... ni sje je killing time ... alasann x nk bce bukuuuuuuuuuu ! hehehe ...

Semester 3 is gonna start soon ... already started tp i je yg balik lambat! hhehhee hoping for a new phase of education ... new experiences .... new companions... all ....

I just wish to be the best .. that those surrounding me are the best and not fakes. those who re sincere and not hypocrites . New year, new semester, new page for me, Insya allah ....
so, some pictures during my sister ny nikah and both wedding reception. the rest dah naik kt FB :)

My sisters are stunning!! stunning i tell you!

had difficulty finishing it off so we gave it to Hasnan instead

this , we kept at home... darn it was tiring to finish it

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Noraqilah Johari said...

wah..fall in love ngan kek 2 :)
comel sgt!

jemput terjah entri baru :)
moga bermanfaat :)


mohon like sini juge ye :)