Nov 16, 2014

Dengan Lafaz Bismillah ku memulakan entri kali ini ...

3rd Monday with the Lions! Alhamdulllillaahh ... Awesome journey so far!

Last Friday, my fellow Lions went to Genting Sempah for their 2nd year anniversary celebration but Dad didn't give me his green light. therefore I didn't go.

Was sad but it's okay. It really is okay. Hopefully of course. hahaha ..

That Friday was compensated with a short yet sweet outing with dearly beloved to Times Square. Watched Big Hero 6 and he tried not to laugh when I cried. hehehe ... though it was short, it was something and it meant everything to us.

I don't know what type of relationship we have but this .... whatever we have going on here ... works. Alhamdullillah ....

It is hard sometimes.... but hey... not everyday is a sunshining day! hahaha .... can't get a little happiness without a little rain!

Thanks dear you. for being the ever awesome significant other I could ever ask for!

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