Nov 12, 2014



DEFINITION OF DEPRESSION : feelings of severe despondency and dejection.
"self-doubt creeps in and that swiftly turns to depression"
dejection, downheartedness, despondency, dispiritedness,low spirits, heavy-heartedness, moroseness, discouragementdespair,desolation, dolefulness,
moodiness, pessimism, hopelessness;
the slough of respond; 
upset, tearfulness; 
informalthe dumps, the doldrums, the blues, one's black dog, a low; 
informalthe blahs, a funk,a blue funk; 
informalthe mopes;

If mentioned, no one would believe that I suffer from depression. But these are the things I don't normally share with the whole wide world.

I have had my fair share of crying.... hurting... and things you dont even know and dont even want to know about...

But I am trying to overcome these difficulties... How? By letting go of things that angers me the most... things that would make me sad ... and focus more on the things that I have achieved in life. Being grateful for what I have and not mourn of the things I don't. Learn to let go of things that just ... dont even matter to me anymore. Just... letting it go.

Support system surrounding me is very strong. Alhamdullillah. But no one actually knows that I suffer from depression. Some close friends and of course my Significant Other. They would always help me and encourage me to get better. Thank you so much for that!

But like he said, the cure and prevention and the way to stop all these has to come from me. If I believe that I can do this, then Allah will help me in my path to recovery.

I dont want to be married to him and still having this problem. I want to be wife material ready for my future husband. and he is awesomely supportive of me. Thank you so much for helping me in getting through this. Thank you so much...

Pray that I get rid of this because life has much to offer... I want to be able to experience it all!

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